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I’m Martine, a writer, trainer, and consultant specialising in wellbeing-driven productivity and professional development. If you want to learn more about who I am and what I do, visit my main website, martineellis.com. You can read my story here on Substack:

If you'd prefer the "in a nutshell" version, here you go:

About Martine (Briefly)

I write and speak about the intersection between productivity and wellbeing – wellbeing-driven productivity – for high achievers so that they can succeed on their terms.

I know from personal experience that you need to prioritise your wellbeing to thrive in any aspect of life.

To do well, you need to be well.

This means using productivity strategies, but it‘s also about making space for rest and other activities that rejuvenate you.

What is Notes by Martine?

Notes by Martine is an online publication where I share strategies, tools, and original thinking to support your personal and professional development.

The publication focuses on the intersection between productivity and wellbeing, leading to discussion around other themes, such as creativity and learning.

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